The fastest, most accurate, duplicate file finder for Windows.

Most de-duplication software relies on hashes to detect duplicates, this is slow and inaccurate. Using Artificial Intelligence and Advanced File Matching Algorithms, NoDupe is able to guarantee 100% accuracy whilst still outperforming all other contenders.

Not content with matching individual files, NoDupe can also be configured to match entire directories.

Got duplicate music files? No problem. Most apps rely on meta tags (eg, MP3Tags) for matching music, whilst fast this can lead to inaccurate results and false positives if files are not tagged in a consistent manner. NoDupe bypasses these problems by ignoring tags and comparing only the music – so even if two files have totally different meta information NoDupe can still identify them as duplicates. Not only that, NoDupe can even be configured to identify entire albums at once.

We are partnering with DataWand for the distribution of NoDupe. A free download is available for trial purposes (searching 1000 files at a time and returning up to 20 duplicates at once), or may be purchased for a nominal fee to remove all limits and unlock the application’s full power.

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